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Angela's wedding gowns are a marriage made in fashion heaven, with timeless, classic cutting offering elegant detailing and adornment to give her  fairy tale dresses that modern spin. When choosing a wedding dress in either her  studio in central London or Shropshire you can explore how wonderful they feel to wear- all that floaty tulle, swirling ruffles, tier- upon-tier of lace, so light the breeze would send them whirling. In silvery oyster and cafe'-latte hues, continuing to a palette of nude, blush, rose then through to natural ivory, creams and white.

Many a diaphanous and ethereal bride chooses Angela Stone for her wedding gown for lines that are fluid in order not to coerce  the silhouette but on the contrary, to leave it free to float in the air. Her bustier-dresses support and hold your frame as the diagonally cut silks caress the figure and cascade to the ground trailing behind in a haze of chiffon or tulle. The added bonus? Her cheeky chic, brocade mini-dresses make legs look like they go on for ever. Heaven.

"Angela's beautiful designs are inspired classics and
I instantly knew I wanted to wear one of her creations"

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The Accessories

The prettiest Weddings accessories lean towards a vintage feel, for some serious
decoration in your swept
up hair choose from the to
die for hand made flower clips,
tiaras and bands. Adorned with white petals and buds some are frilled, bowed  and feathered others have faceted sequins, pearls, lace and Swarovski rhinestones. There is selection of matching bejewelled earrings, necklaces and veils, short or long some transparent and  decorated with precious laces that flutter behind you to complete the perfect romantic mood for your wedding day.

The personal touch

The personal Touch

After choosing you gown it is individually discussed with you how we can emphasize the absolute best of your feminine form,
all dresses are uniquely fitted for every bride. If you choose a made to measure gown rather than ready to wear we will create a toile
in ivory cotton and the shape and fit is re-cut until perfected to flatter and  shape your body. Remember,
we can disguise, accentuate, slim, lengthen or shorten the figure with cutting clever proportions, this take procedure comes about through a lifetimes experience of gifted seam stresses and fitters who under stand the true art of tailoring and couture.

Wedding Dresses

Have a browse through Angela's collection of dresses designed from her studio in London to be worn by brides all across the world.

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